Do beauty machines work?

With the progress of science and technology, skincare has also quietly entered the high-tech era, a variety of beauty equipment emerged in an endless stream. Many people are eager to buy the beauty instrument because of its miraculous efficacy. But do these beauty gadgets work?

Do beauty machines work?

Through ultrasonic technology, the skincare product nutrients can be permeated into the skin, which can promote skin metabolism, make the skin look tender and shiny, and more elastic. Now an imported instrument is not only the import function, but generally also has the export function, can play the role of cleaning pores, and calm moisturizing effect.

1.Ultrasonic wave small vibration massaging technology promoted the absorption effect that protects skin to taste nutrient to a certain extent indeed, but also stay in a corneous layer only just, so-called to be able to import dermis must be deceptive. Just think if you can enter the dermis really, then the harmful components such as essence and preservative inside skincare products also follow the introduction.

2.It is more troublesome to use, stick to it and have the effect.

3.The industry is uneven, a penny cent goods, do not buy waste for cheap.

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